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                           News & Press Releases

   Amiga Walker Prototype      The basic lowdown

   Manfred Schmitt Resigns     Goodbye.

    Helmut Jost Named CEO      Hello.

 Nova Design Buys Aladdin 4D   The render package changes hands

      The Death of ACAR        Australia is without a publication

   New Games Editor For AR     Yes!

     Surfer Package Demo       Hurry!

  World Construction Set V2    The new version of the DEM wizard

   New Virus Checker Owner     VC changes hands...

     The World of Amiga        Last-minute news on WOA UK

  The AGA Experience Vol 2     The new experience

        Boulderdash3d          To be published by Silltunna

  ESC Contact Info Changed     A new e-mail address

  Wonder Comp. Tender List     Might not be too late...

 CU Amiga Subscription Offer   Geez, these guys charge money.

         StormC v1.0           The new development package

    Ensemble Verbes v1.7       Learn French conjugation

       MetaTool v40.5          MIME reading...

   Amiga CDROM Guide v1.5      Keep up with the guide

     RoutePlanner v1.6a        Mapping tool

         sort v1.49            Sort ASCII files

      eWorld Shuts Down        Apple cuts back...

    Off Piste #1 for Sale      If you dig this kind of thing

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