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     AmiWin 2.0demo


Holger Kruse


AmiWin is an X11R6 (X-Window-System) package for AmigaDOS,
somewhat similar to "DaggeX" by Kari Mattinen, or the
X11R4 package by GfxBase.

X11 is a GUI interface standard that is particular common
on Un*x systems. Many popular Un*x programs (such as xv,
Mosaic, NetScape etc.) use the X11 standard. AmiWin can be
used to redirect the GUI of these programs to your Amiga.
It is also possible to run some X11 programs directly on
your Amiga.

AmiWin includes an X11 server with several display drivers
and a few X11 clients including the window manager "twm".

AmiWin supports the following graphics boards and chipsets:

 - OCS/ECS/AGA: monochrome

 - OCS/ECS/AGA: 4-256 colors

 - A2024: 4 greyscales (reg. version only)

 - Picasso-linear with VillageTronic software: 256 colors

 - CyberGraphX boards: 256 colors

 - Picasso-linear with VillageTronic software: 32768/65536
   colors true-color (reg. version only)

 - CyberGraphX boards: 32768/65536 colors true-color
   (reg. version only)

AmiTCP/IP 2.x/3.x/4.x and AS-225 R2 are supported, too.


- At least 4 MB of hard disk space.

- Kick 2.04 / WB 2.04 or higher

- At least 4 MB of RAM

- A graphics output device that is supported by AmiWin (see
  list above)

- AmiTCP/IP 2.x/3.x/4.x or AS-225 R2 recommended.

- 68030 or higher recommended.

- three-button mouse recommended.


Aminet: (1499864)


Demo version: free.

Registered version: between US$ 40 and US$ 50 plus media costs
and shipping. Please see the documentation for details.


AmiWin is NOT public domain, but freely distributable under
certain conditions outlined in the documentation.

Copyright (C) 1994,1995 Holger Kruse


There is a mailing list for AmiWin users: Send a mail with

  subscribe amiwin

in the body to