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                           AMIGA MAGAZINE SURVEY
  Sergio Ruocco                             

In conjunction with Amiga Report Magazine, Sergio Ruocco is compiling a
list of all of the Amiga magazines in the world.  We are most interested in
the print magazines, but if there is an online magazine you feel should be
included, let us know.

The idea is to have a database of worldwide support.

We do NOT need listings of the magazines from the following countries:
(it's easy enough to get on our own)

United Kingdom
United States

On the same token, we do not need information on the following online

Amiga Link
Dark Unicorn Dispatch
Amiga Report (well, this was sort of obvious, but...)

Any others are fair game.

What we're looking for is the following information:

1. Full name of the magazine
2. The publisher
3. The full address, and phone and fax numbers.
4. E-mail contact, if applicable.
5. Number of issues per year
6. Number of issues to date and the date of the premier issue
7. # of pages in a recent issue
8. Focus (games, applications, general...?)
9. Overall impression of quality in relation to other magazines
   (optional, but helpful)

Please mail your information either to Sergio Ruocco as, or to  Jason Compton .

Thanks for the help!