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                       THE ORIGINAL A1000 SPEC SHEET
                        Typed in by Douglas Spence

I was going through an old pile of papers and found the spec sheet I picked
up before buying my original Amiga 1000.  I thought some of you might be
interested in this piece of nostalgia.  Complete text follows: (Some errors
theirs, some may be my own)


If you haven't found the right computer yet, then you've never met
Amiga(TM).  No other personal computer, even the ones that cost a lot more,
can catch Amiga feature for feature.  It's light years ahead of the rest
and that keeps you ahead of the competition.

There's never been a computer with this much power at this low price. 
Amiga's 256K RAM is just a start.  Amiga allows you to expand up to 512K
internally and 8 megabytes externally.  The power goes deeper.  In addition
to the powerful microprocessor that's the heart of the Amiga, we've added
three amazing custom chips that handle graphics, sound and routine
operations.  These custom chips free the central processor from normal
"computer housekeeping" and allow direct memory access and multi-tasking.

There's never been a computer with this kind of speed and agility.  Amiga
combines speed and power into a truly remarkable machine.  Amiga is faster
than Macintosh(R) and IBM(R) PC.  And many times more productive, because
it's multi-tasking.  Amiga can print your cover memo, search your data
base, make a bar graph, all while using a spreadsheet.  And there's
probably enough power left over to receive a phone message or stock quote
over a modem at the same time.

There's never been a computer with graphics like this.  Amiga sees the
world more like you do in over 4,000 colors.  With dimension, animation and
almost photographic realism.  You can even take an image from a video
camera or VCR, transfer it to Amiga and then add color, animation or
special effects.

There's never been a computer that sounds this good.  Amiga comes with four
channels of sound and a bass response and octave range that exceed many
stereo speakers.  And Amiga talks in a male or female voice with an
unlimited vocabulary.

There's never been a computer with this kind of versatility.  Amiga can be
expanded to run IBM PC software.  You can add almost any printer, modem, or
accessory you'd ever want.  And there's room for the ones still being
invented.  Amiga's "open architecture" allows future expandability so it's
the last computer you'll have to buy.

There's never been a computer that's easier to use.  Amiga lets you choose
to use symbols instead of complicated commands or strange codes.  Just
point the Amiga "mouse" at pictures of what you want to do.  Or use the
keyboard.  Of course, if you already speak the language, you can talk to
Amiga in BASIC, PASCAL, LOGO, C, LISP and Assembler.  Amiga is friendlier
so it gives you more choices.

There's never been a computer this useful.  Amiga will be your number
cruncher, filing system, audio-visual department, graphic designer, print
shop and faithful workhorse.  Amiga's business capabilities allow you to
change a product's shape or color, alter its composition or improve its
operation.  While at the same time produce reports and charts for
production costs, delivery dates and sales volume.

You are about to enter a new world of speed and power, a dazzling universe
of color and dimension that is unmatched by other personal computers at any
price.  Let alone the price of an Amiga.


o 256K Bytes RAM standard
o User expandable to 512K Bytes RAM internally
o Externally expandable to eight megabytes continuous RAM
o 256K Bytes Writable Control Store

o MC68000
o 32 Bit internal bus
o 16 Bit data bus
o 7.16 MHz clock speed

o Many different resolutions - 320x200 32 colors, 320x400 32 colors,
  640x200 16 colors, 640x400 16 colors
o Color palette of 4,096 colors
o Eight, re-usable, 16-bit wide sprites
o 60/80 column colored text
o Programmable interobject priority and collision detection
o Compatible with RGB analog monitors, NTSC composite monitors and
  home televisions

o Utilized a Bit-Blitter for high speed movement of graphical data
o Allows high speed animation
o Frees the CPU for other concurrent tasks
o Display synchronized coprocessor
o Controls 26 DMA (direct memory access) channels

o Four voices of sound output as two channels
o 9 octaves
o Complex waveforms allow high quality speech and musical instrument
o Uses both amplitude and frequency modulation
o I/O controls for disk data and mouse/joystick controller ports
o Allows the disk and sound to operate with minimal CPU intervention

o AmigaDOS
o Multi-tasking
o Hierarchical file system allows fast file access and hard disk

o "Intuition"
o Pull down menus
o Mouse or keyboard controlled
o Color
o Up to 50 overlapping windows, each running simultaneously in real
o Features the "Workbench" iconic user interface
o Also features a Command Line Interface (CLI)

o User selectable background and character colors, keystroke speed,
  mouse speed, mouse pointer editor and font size
o Peripheral parameters for printers and modems

o Detachable, full-size typewriter style
o 89 keys total
o 13 key numeric keypad
o 10 programmable function keys
o 2 special function keys
o 4 directional cursor keys
o HELP key

o 3.5" Micro floppy disk drive
o Double sided double density
o 880K Bytes formatted storage capacity
o Maximum transfer rate of 250 kilo bits per second
o DMA controlled read and write for fast disk access

o Two button optomechanical
o Eliminates the need to learn commands
o Works well on any surface

o Two RCA audio output jacks
o Signal to noise ratio 70db
o Distortion less than 1%
o Frequency response 20-6,000Hz
o Impedance 300 ohms

o Analog RGB video port
o RF modulator video port for home television
o NTSC composite video port
o Two reconfigurable controller ports (supports mouse, joysticks,
  paddles, light pens and custom controllers)
o External floppy disk port
o RS232 serial port
o Reconfigurable Centronics parallel port
o Expansion port
o RAM expansion port
o Keyboard connector

o AmigaDOS
o Amiga BASIC
o Amiga Tutorial
o Kaleidoscope
o Voice Synthesis Library

o Approximately 13 lbs.

o 4.25" x 17.75" x 13" (H x W x D)

o 120V, 90 Watts, 60Hz, 1A nominal

o 1080 Amiga Monitor
o 1010 External 3.5" Disk Drive
o 1020 External 5.25" Disk Drive
o 1050 Memory Expansion Cartridge
o 1680 Modem 1200 RS*
o 1025 Amiga Transformer*
o 3406 RF Modulator
o 1300 Genlock Interface*
o 1100 AnswerMate*

Standard Amiga Light Beige

Specifications subject to change without notice.
Amiga is a trademark of Commodore-Amiga Inc.
Macintosh is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.
IBM is a registered trademark of International Business Machines Corp.

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