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==                             Reader Mail                               ==
X-Personal_name: Joshua Gigantino
Subject: Cooling an A1200

Hi everyone!
I just read the articles in AR 304 on cooling problems, and the 'Tower Of
Power'...  Got me thinking about my own heating worries.  I have an A1200
with a GVP 1230 series II accelerator.  One of my friends had a similar
board, and had some heat problems, so, not wanting to deal with fried
hardware, I set out to prevent it from happening.  I started by drilling a
number of holes in the cover of my machine's trapdoor.  this allows for
airflow, when the machine is raised.   Next, I built a 'palette' for the
deck.  The pallette is made of two pieces of 22x16 mahogany plywood and
five 3/4 inch slats.  the bottom piece of mahogany forms a base onto which
the slats are nailed.  the top piece is shaped like this: (attempt at

		       |	     |
		       |       |
		       |  _____|
		       |  |    |        |
		       |  |    | 	    |
		       |__|   X|________|

With a solid front of the wood slats and one inch open spaces on each side
and the back is completely open.  One of the slats is in the center of the
palette, next to the open section, for support.  The open area is directly
under the belly expansion slot, providing it with space for airflow, and
(eventually) a small fan where the X is on the diagram.  The palette is
long enough for a wrist rest, and to rest cables on in the back, and just
wide enough to jam floppies around the edges.  Anyway, if anyone builds
one, let me know how you like it...  Later Joshua Gigantino CrossPlatform

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Date: Fri, 3 Mar 1995 22:02:42 -0800
From: "H. E. Bechtel" <>

Hans Bechtel
PANDA Amiga Club President

Here is my club charter for one of your articles!

                             PANDA CHARTER

The PANDA (Palouse Amiga Novices Developers Artists) Computer Club is open
to all who desire a new computer and to all who have computers of any type,
but is mainly designed to assist those with the Amiga series of computers.
Meetings usually occur once per month at varied times and dates (depending
on holidays) usually on Sundays.  Panda covers topics such as the new Video
Toaster, genlocks, graphics, animations, music, digitizing and many more
various items of interest.  Each meeting a different topic is covered.

PANDA members are usually from the "Moscow, Idaho" and "Pullman,
Washington" areas of the USA although members are welcome from other areas
(if they are in the area while traveling nearby).  Moscow and Pullman are
approx.  80 miles from Spokane Washington.

No fee or monthly dues are charged.  The meetings are kept simple and
easygoing so anybody at any level can be well-informed on the many areas of

Contact People:
  Hans Bechtel  (email
  Jim Godfrey   (email

The club email list is kept at:
Email there to send a message to the entire club.

The PANDA Amiga Club has a WWW address at the following place:

A copy of all email that the club receives is placed in a file that
can be read like a spool mail file (mbox format).

Please, no junk email since this club is meant to further the Amiga.

Hans Bechtel
Amiga Club President

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From: (Patrick Lessard)
Subject: Comments on choice of new Processor

I would like to say that I'm afraid of the choice of the new processor
(after the 680060) for the Amiga.  I'm a technician in Electronic and
computer.  For years, I always be a fan of Amiga.  I read the interview of
Chris Ludwig in the review AmigaNews January 1995 No75.  As a engineer of
Amiga.  He said that the new processor on which he work is the PA-RISK.  I
want to give you some advice, in a ruff compare: The POWER-PC is a choice
without risk (it's not a word play!) I mean, Apple utilize this chip
already and the number of selling computer considerably increase the lasts
months.  IBM plan to use the POWER-PC too.  In this way, you are sure that
this chip was going to improve and get the better price because the number
of sell will be considerable.  Second, the compatibility with others
platforms will be easily.  ---->>>And the most important, the peoples all
in the world have a confidence in Power-PC just because is done by an
alliance with biggest companies.  So that influence the consumers choice. 
An other reason to push to the POWER-PC?  The platform Amiga plus his OS
push it a generation in advance on the others companies.  So with the same
processor of the other computer you can be sure that you always perform
better than the other.  With the PA-risk,...  it won't be sure, don't take
so much big risk, work on the Power-pc is a better way for the future of
the Amiga.  I realllllly think.

Sand me some response, just to give me some light.

Tank!  sorry for my poor english.

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From: Douglas Rudd <>
Subject: Re: WHO OWNS AMIGA?

Hello Jason,

I feel, as do many Amiga owners, that this liquidation matter has gone on
far too long.  The news that AW bit the dust was just one more nail in the
coffin.  The time is long past to take independent action, but there may
still be time to act.  I choose to address you as I see you "out here"
quite often, and I sense you may have a voice with the right people.  What
I think needs to be done, is to develop a new machine that is Amiga-esque
in architecture, but different enough to circumvent the copy right laws.  
It would use a similar custom chip set and similar multitasking OS.  The
cpu would probably be risc. 

The "virtue" of this platform would be its ability to run an Amiga
emulation with little difficulty.  The down side would be a lack of the
proprietary ZII/ZIII slots and Video Slot.  The cost of going it alone is
likely less than buying the exisiting technology, but then you lose the
name.  Amiga users would be quick to pick up on the new machine, though,
and it would be advertized the same way the Amiga was: by its users.

Well, just a thought from a very frustrated Amiga user who is anguished
over the prospect of death by dos or hours of agony with a mac.

Let Gould, Ali, and all the creditors ingest feces and expire!

Doug Rudd
The Amiga Guide to the Galaxy refers to Commodore's management as
"A bunch of mindless jerks who will be the first to be lined up
against the wall and shot when the revolution comes."
They will get my Amiga from me when they pry it from my cold, dead hands.

                        --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

From: (Anthony Pang)
Subject: Re: Latest Commodore buyout NEWS

My BLAW prof raised an interesting point today...he mentioned that under
Bahamian law there was a potential loophole for CBM Intl to escape
creditors.  It seems if the company could anticipate their insolvency, they
could make substantial arm's length conveyances to another party.  This
would normally constitute a "fraudulent conveyance" (transfer of property
at arm's length or below fair market value in anticipation of insolvency),
but Bahamian law places a 2 year statute of limitations on a creditor's
right to bring a cause of action against the insolvent, to reverse the

Now let's say CBM Intl divested of various interests just prior to
bankruptcy (eg the sweet deals with Gould & Ali, and more?) If the trustees
can keep the bankruptcy proceedings in the Bahamas, give creditors the
impression that there is progress in the sale (to fend off a suit), and
generally delay for a bit longer...the creditors won't be able to touch
Gould and/or Ali.

                        --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

From: (Operator)
Subject: Amiga Mags


I want you to know that I consider AR to be (especially now) an important
resource for all Amiga users.  I want to thank you for the fine online
magazine that you publish.  I look forward to receiving each issue.

AR has now become a vital foot-soldier in our battle for existence.  The
fall of some of our other comrades (recently Amiga World) is a sign of a
long struggle slowly taking it's toll.  I wish all at AR God's speed!

I am very hopeful that when the smoke clears that the Amiga banner still
flies -- just as 'Old Glory' did those many years ago.

Yours Truly,
  Joe Brewin