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==  Common Utils/Commodities/Etc.                 By:  Katherine Nelson  ==

In the Workbench Wish List poll, I also asked people what utilities,
commodities, and hacks they use to improve their 'Benches.  What follows is
the resulting list of programs.

People tend to use more than one utility, so comparing them by votes isn't
very accurate. Instead, I will just list the most often used utilities in
order without specifying how many people for each.

Also, since MANY utils were mentioned, I'm only including the ones near the
top of the list.  If you've written a utility and it doesn't appear on this
list, don't worry.  Some people no doubt mentioned it.

Furthermore, the summaries are very superficial.  Each package probably
does more than is mentioned.

         Magic Workbench (iocns)

         ToolManager (docks, appicons, and adds to tools menu)

		Magic Menu  (makes menu appear at pointer)

		ToolsDaemon (create menus/submenus, add items/hotkeys)

         MUI (configures MUI type apps)

         NewIcons  (new icons & new way of handling them)

         Requester replacer (arq, reqtools, etc..)

         KingCON  (replacement shell)

         CycletoMenu (turns cycle gadgets into menus)

         PFS (new file system)

         Iconian (Better icon editor)

         MultiFileSystem (Access PC0: as DF0:, etc.)

         Clicknot/NoClick  (stops drive from clicking)

         Yak (multi-purpose commodity)

So, if you haven't tried any of these commodities/hacks/utils/etc., you
might want to check 'em out to see what they're all about.