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Taurus Ventures Inc. (TVi) Develops Amiga-Based Home-Banking System
At a press conference today, VanCity Savings Credit Union, a major
Canadian financial institution, made it's first public announcement
of it's revolutionary new home-based banking system.  Named "TeleView",
this system is aimed at the average VanCity member, and requires no
special computer knowledge to operate.
The system uses the Amiga CD32 CDROM console as it's host, as well as
custom GUI application software and a custom external modem developed
by TVi.  The system is operated by a wireless infra-red remote control
unit (or the included CD32 game controller) and allows users to do a
variety of common financial transactions, including bill payment,
transfer of funds between accounts, up-to-the minute online account
statements and balances, and interest and investment rate queries.
Company Introduction
Taurus Ventures Incorporated ("TVi") is currently developing an easy-
to-use home-based banking system for VanCity Savings Credit Union,
the second fastest growing credit union in Canada.
Taurus Ventures brings to it's projects a combined experience of
30 man-years in the areas of software engineering and design,
authoring systems design, embedded systems, database management systems
development, games coding and porting, graphics and animation production,
and project management.
TVi is based in Burnaby, B.C. Canada, often referred to as "Silicon
Valley North" due to the large number of computer hardware and software
firms that the area has attracted.
Company Philosophy
TVi intends to be the preeminent producer of interactive GUI-based
applications.  TVi offers a full-service approach to development, working
closely with the client from proof-of-concept demonstration system and
initial design specification to final production, manufacturing, support
and distribution.
TVi is currently developing an easy-to-use home banking system for
VanCity Savings Credit Union, a major Canadian credit union.  "TeleView",
as this project has come to be known, is aimed at the the average
credit union member and requires no special knowledge to operate.
TeleView employs the AMIGA CD32 game console as it's host, combined
with custom software and hardware, and offers the credit union member
access to their banking functions via a graphical user interface.
The software resides on a CDROM, and uses the TVi Modem to call the
financial institution.
The AMIGA CD32 is an excellent delivery system for applications like
TeleView due to its amazing versatility.  The CD32 achieves its
versatility due mainly to its custom chipset and the AmigaDOS true
multi-tasking operating system.  The CD32 can play Audio CDs, CD32
or CDTV entertainment software, and with an optional Full-Motion Video
cartridge, it can play MPEG movies.  When connected to the TVi Modem
and a standard phone line, the AMIGA CD32 becomes a versatile computer
appliance capable of doing telecommunications, home-banking, home-
shopping, multi-player gaming or any other use that requires information
to be sent or received from a remote site.  The TVi Modem also includes
a built-in infra-red receiver for using wireless controllers.
Taurus Ventures is a registered commercial hardware and software developer
for Commodore Business Machines, and uses AMIGA computers in virtually
all aspects of company operations.
Our close relationship with Commodore has grown even stronger due to
Commodore Canada's Western Regional Management sharing the same address.
This ensures that TVi stays abreast of all the latest AMIGA technology
and developer news.  Commodore Canada has expressed the utmost confidence
in the success of both the TeleView software and the TVi Modem.
The TeleView software was developed using the "C" language and TVi's
proprietary software libraries, "HKLib" and "MediaLib" which allow our
development team to rapidly create any variety of new application for
the CD32 or AMIGA computer platforms.  TVi plans in the future to port
our libraries for use on PC, Mac, CD-i, or 3DO platforms. giving
Taurus Ventures a much stronger market advantage.
The TVi Modem/InfraRed Receiver was developed by TVi's hardware
engineering team, and to the best of our knowledge is unique in the
AMIGA CD32 community.  The TVi Modem/IR device has been granted
"Commodore Approved Product" status by Commodore International.
The Modem is an external 2400 baud Hayes compatible device, which
attaches to the CD32's auxilliary/keyboard port.  It is small, light, and
compact and is styled to complement the CD32's case design.
The InfraRed Receiver will accept signals from the original CDTV Remote
Controller or can be adjusted to accept signals from a variety of third
party remote control units.
The TVi Modem/IR unit has a keyboard pass-through to accept text input
from a standard AMIGA keyboard while the modem is in use.
Contact Information:
For more information about Taurus Ventures or any of it's products,
please contact us at:
Taurus Ventures Inc. (TVi)
Suite 400 - 6400 Roberts St.
Burnaby, B.C.
V5G 4C9
Phone:  (604) 298-5657
Fax:  (604) 298-5658


Advanced Systems & Software announce 68060 accelerator
Advanced Systems & Software announces their newest addition to the Amiga
community, despite Commodore's departure.  The only 68060 accelerator
available and announced for the  A4000.  This is not vapor ware, we have
it running at 82 MIPs, to be faster by release in August and 28 MFLOPS.
Compare that to a stock A4000 that runs at 28 MIPs and 16 MFLOPs.  As one
reviewer said when he saw it in Europe, "I have seen the future."  In
addition to this accelerator will be a module that attaches containing a
FAST SCSI-II interface, high speed serial ports and Ethernet controller.
Enter the future NOW.
Contact Advanced Systems & Software here in the Amiga vendor forum, at
CompuServe 71154.1731 or at voice 214-821-7776 or fax 821-3464.

GTI acquires CDx File System Rights from Xetec INC
GTI Grenville Trading International GmbH of Oberursel, Germany is pleased
to announce that they have acquired with immediate effect the world-wide
copyright and marketing rights to the CDx File System from Xetec Inc.
All distribution, customer support and future development of the product
will be handled directly by GTI in Germany. A number of enhancements to 
the product are currently being considered and will be announced in the
All registered CDx users are welcome to take advantage of the GTI CDx
Hotline. German speakers please call (Germany) + 49 6171 - 78066. English
speakers please contact by FAX on + 49 6171 8302 or by mail (address
Existing dealers will be receiving mail from us in the next few weeks but
are welcome to call our dealer hotline on + 49 6171 85937 (English or
German - FAX number as above).
GTI is Germany's leading specialist distributor of Amiga CD-ROM & Amiga
CD32 software and peripherals and is proud to offer dealers worldwide 
the very latest in Amiga CD tecnology. 
GTI Grenville Trading International GmbH
Zimmersmuhlenweg 73
61440 OBERURSEL, Germany.



CHICAGO, June 24--A new Personal Video Printer, Model "VG-100", was
introduced at a special press conference held here during the Summer
Consumer Electronics Show.  This latest Casio innovation has the ability 
to produce card-size color prints of home movies or any images that 
appear on your TV screen.

The "VG-100" incorporates Casio's original new color printing technology
called Point Diffusion (PD) transfer printing.  The "VG-100" will be 
available in November and it is expected to sell in the marketplace for
under $600.

According to John J. McDonald, President of Casio, Inc., the Dover, NJ-
based consumer electronics company, video equipment such as cameras,
video cassete recorders and TV games are common to most households
around the world.  And, more recently, multimedia equipment is becoming
very popular.  This technology has generated a great deal of public 
interest in a video printer that is capable of producing color prints of
images that appear on the TV screen.

"The introduction of this new color printing technology called Point 
Diffusion (PD) will offer consumers the same technology as the 
commercial industry at an affordable price," said Mr. McDonald.  He 
continued to say that the "VG-100" offers for the first time to the 
consumer high quality, high definition and long lasting color prints 
from their own home movies.

The Point Diffusion (PD) transfer printing system of the new "VG-100"
Personal Video Printer controls the size of each dot making up the image
to produce color prints of outstanding resolution.  The "VG-100" is the
first household video printer with a built-in transfer color print system
that transfers images directly onto the paper using the hot melt thermal 
transfer printing system.  The result is high-precision, high-resolution
prints at an affordable price.

Connect the "VG-100" to a video tape deck and print images from the
tape as it plays back.  Or you can print directly from a television
broadcast you have tuned into a VCR.  The printing procedure is quick
and easy, and prints can be used as stickers and cards.

The "VG-100" features include:

-Beautiful and clear color prints of video images.
-Printed images that do not become dull or faded even after long-term
-An affordable price that is less than existing video printers.
-Card size paper that can be used as a sticker to affix almost anywhere.
-Enlargement function that can blow up an image for printing on two
 to 36 cards.
-A reduction function that can print from two to eight images on a single
-Picture-in-picture display that lets you specify an image for printing 
 while you continue to view a TV show.
-Lightweight, compact design requires little space (7.8 in x 3.5 in., 
 approx. 5.5 lb)

According to Casio, the "VG-100" is designed to broaden sales by making
video images available to general consumers who own VCRs and video
cameras and who wanted the capability to print right off the TV screen.
Prior to the introduction of the "VG-100", most of the products in the
marketplace were for industrial use, due mainly to the cost and the
complexity of the equipment.

Here are selected excerpts from Casio's VG-100 tech sheet.


Print System:  Point diffusion transfer print system (PD System)
Color Gradations:  128
Colors:  2,090,000
Dots:  499x682 (210 DPI equivalent)
Print Speed: 45 seconds/page
Print Size:  2.1 in x 3.4 in (card size)
Paper size: 2.9 in x 5.1 in
Types of Printing: 13
  Standard (4 types: landscape, portrait, framed landscape, framed 
  Reduced (4 types: 1/2 horizontal, 1/4 horizontal, 1/8 horizontal, 1/8
  Enlarged (5 types: 2,4,8,20,36-card)

Paper Feed: Manual
Output Modes: Live signal, Still, Picture-in-Picture
Memory:  Two screens
Other: Trimming function
Input/Output:  VIDEO IN/OUT (RCA pin jack)
Power Supply:  AC adaptor
Power Consumption:  29W
Dimensions:  7.8 in x 3.5 in x 9.8 in
Weight:  Approx. 5.5 lb.

Included:  AC adaptor, video cable, wireless remote controller, standard
paper 50 sheets, 1 ink ribbon

Supplies:  Standard paper (50 pcs), Sticker paper (R) (50pcs.), Sticker 
paper (L) (50 pcs), Stamp-size sticker paper (1/8) (50 pcs), Video index
label paper (50 pcs)

Contact: Pat Carrasco
(201)361-5400 ext. 439
Gary E. Johnson
Public Relations
(201) 887-3500


Animation Contest 94

       We are accepting submissions for 2-D and 3-D original
animations to be used in a video tape distributed worldwide.  This
tape gives animators from all over the world the opportunity to
advertise their talent and show their work to the rest of the world.
Computer hardware and software will be awarded as prizes to the
winners of this contest.  Prize winners will be determined by a
select board of industry professionals.  The entries will be judged
on: originality, creativity, and use of equipment available.
Submissions DO NOT have to be broadcast quality.  In fact, we
encourage ANYONE with the ability to get their animations to tape,
to enter this contest.  Animations done on ANY computer using ANY
software will be accepted.

       All persons with submissions accepted will have the
opportunity to have their Name, Studio Name, and Phone Number
(if requested) advertised in the credits at the end of the tape,
FREE of charge.  A number will be assigned to each entry and shown
on screen while his/her animation is playing.  This number
corresponds to their name in the credits.  This gives anyone
purchasing this tape the ability to find an animator for
their projects fast and easily, i.e. Advertising Agencies,
Video Productions Companies, etc. as well as other animators
looking for help on projects or to trade ideas.

       The tape will include 100's of entries from all over the
world.  Animations will be categorized into many different Style
and Computer-Type categories and scored to an original soundtrack
for those animations that do not include one.

        * Deadline for contest acceptance is OCT 14, 1994 *

       The Animation Contest 94 Video Tape will be available for
purchase before Christmas time 1994.  It will be available in all
Television Standards i.e. NTSC, PAL, SECAM, etc.

              Retail price will be U.S. $24.95 + S&H
        U.S. $14.95 + S&H for pre-orders before OCT 14, 1994

         Anyone whos animation appears on the finished tape
                will receive a special discount.
For more information and contest rules, send one (1) self-addressed
stamped envelope to:
                          ANIM CONTEST
                           PO BOX 9839 
                    Fresno, CA.  93794  U.S.A.

                  or call:

           * Internet address: mquaschn@mondrian.CSUFresno.EDU

           * BBS: (209) 447-0365  U.S.A. 

            (Logon: ANIM   PW: Contest)

           * Voice: (209) 277-1188 U.S.A.

P.S. Please e-mail any questions or suggestions to one of the
addresses above, not to where you are reading this.  This message
is being posted in many areas and chances are we will never get your
message unless it goes to one of these locations.


Virtual Online University is For Real!

The Virtual Online University, Inc. (VOU) announces beginning
classes on the Internet in September 1994. VOU was founded in April 1994,
and incorporated as a non-profit educational organization in June to
provide a novel approach to alternative education by offering fully
online, accredited distance learning using the Internet. The goal of VOU 
is to provide low cost, high quality education and training.

Current offerings include an accredited Liberal Arts degree
program, emphasizing numeracy, literacy and critical thinking as
components of its interdisciplinary approach to distance education. Future
offerings will include post-graduate programs, anticipated to begin during
the second half of 1995. VOU has temporary space at (telnet) 8888 and is seeking permanent server space prior to
beginning classes in September.

According to Dr. William Painter, Executive Director, VOU will
" two primary audiences: first, current college and university
students in traditional education paths who wish to broaden their
opportunities with online education; and second is the non-traditional,
learning-disenfranchised person, that is, individuals who have limited
access to traditional education due to financial restrictions, physical
challenges, being part of at-risk populations, or with responsibilities
which preclude pursuing traditional educational paths."

The corporate mission statement of Virtual Online University is:

	- to provide low-cost, high quality education;

	- to offer distance education using interactive, interdisciplinary
methods outside of traditional learning paths;

	- to assist traditional and non-traditional learners in furthering
their educational objectives;

	- to form working relationships within business and industry to
provide students with valuable hands-on experience to supplement a liberal
arts education;

	- to conduct research and provide a practical forum for
investigation of online environments and applications in distance
education, telecommunications and electronic delivery systems.

Virtual Online University operates within a Virtual Education
Environment using Multiuser Object-Oriented environment database software
(a MOO).  Some MOOs are programmed as virtual cities and research centers,
others as educational environments. VOU will use various MOOs as online
virtual campuses, including a "traditionally designed" university campus
and one designed as an orbiting space station in Geosynchronous Earth
Orbit. Others are currently in planning, including an undersea

Robert Donnelly

Dr. William Painter