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From:	mjw@PORSCHE.BOLTZ.CS.CMU.EDU (Michael J Witbrock)
Subject: Please add to "where to get AmigaReport"

AR can also be read with Mosaic (in either AmigaGuide or html form).
Reading AmigaReport with Mosaic removes the necessity to download it.

Simply tell Mosaic to open the following URL:

Mosaic for the Amiga can be found on Aminet in directory comm/net, or
(using anonymous ftp) on

Mosaic for X, Macintosh(tm) and Microsoft Windows(tm) can be found on



From: (Joe Hobson)
Subject: AR ads....
Status: RO

  Hey! I guess the personal ads are an ok idea as long as they don't get 
too long or carried away. The size doesn't matter as I use a high-speed 
modem. It's just that AR wouldn't be as enjoyable if it got too cluttered.
  Good luck with the magazine. I think it's looking great so far! I know
Robert Glover when he lived here (in chattanooga) when he came up with 
the idea. I've seen alot of people slam him for abandoning the platorm. 
I say to each his own! He was known for jumping from system to system at
a whim. (Only had his Amiga a year after bailing from Atari.) So it 
wasn't much of a surprise to us here. But I still had to defend him for 
the concept and time he put into it and it helped bring the Amiga 
community closer together. And all on his own time with no profit. 
(That's what I was trying to get across to the grumpers on FidoNet.) I'm
glad he didn't just take it with him and let it die. They should give 
him that eh? He was gracious enough to hand over AR. 
  I'm also glad that you stepped forward and agreed to takeover. Without
support and helpfulness the Amiga community wouldn't be! That's what 
really sits us aside from the other platforms. Friendly support. We ban 
  So good luck with the magazine and I know it's a thankless job and 
time consuming. And I for one am very greatful and look forward to each 
issue! Long live the Amiga, it's users, Amiga Report and it's editor!!

  Whew! Don't know what got into me! :) You know what.. you are free to
include the above in an issue of AR if you want. Call it a contribution.


From: (Dan Howard)
Subject: Electronic Boutique, CD32

The following I am sending for you to print in Amiga Report if you
think it worthwhile;

Here is what I found on net, post it everywhere, and call them!

 If you want to see CD32 for sale in your local Electronics Boutique or
 Walden Software, there is a toll-free number you can call to voice
 your opinion. Right now, EB is considering carrying CD32 in it's stores
 but need to hear the publics opinion. All you have to do is call


 and they will take your name and address and send your message to their
 home office. This could help a great deal so hang up your modem and
 get dialin'


Forwarded by: Peter J Ostrowski <peteo>
From: (f ray kelly)
Subject: freebie!

Tired of C= bashing your amiga?? Not advertising it?? Ignoring it??
If you are, call 1-800-258-0533 and tell the person who answers,
"I love my amiga and would like the free bumpersticker that is
This offer is made possible by AMIGAMAN and BILL SMITH as a way
for US to advertise the Amiga, since C= doesn't want to! 
This offer is good til the end of march 1994, limit 1 per person.
If you wish to get these in bulk, call them at their customer
support number and ask for BILL SMITH to work things out. I assure you,
the cost is very low. 

Please call!! Support the amiga!!! Thank you!

From:	UH9311@VicVX1.Vic.UH.EDU
Subject: Reply about AR208 <MS-DOS Blues> good news!

I received this reply from the Amiga Report "MS-DOS Blues" article and 
would like to share it with the rest of the readers.  This is news to me
and it kinda makes you wonder who made up this idea about making AAA 
and the earilier chipsets compatible and why there isn't a bronze statue
somewhere of this person.  I mean this is great news to me!  Anyway I 
asked him if it would be ok to send it to you and he said it was fine 
but he "won't take responsibility for the content! :-}" so if you can 
get someone to verify this I imagine it would be just fine.  

Shane Bumpurs

>From:	UHOU::IN%""  "George Sanderson" 
>To:	IN%"UH9311@VicVX1.Vic.UH.EDU"
>Subj:	cd32 error in AR208

I was reading AmigaReport 2.08 and found this in the MS-DOS Blues 

>> Get AAA out as fast as possible leaning development toward the New
>> Generation CD^64 but for goodness sake do whatever possible to make
>> someway for it to still play CD32 titles.  Anything maybe a AGA
>> cartridge or piggyback board or something easy to install.  This is
>> crutial, if not CD32 user will be ticked and won't upgrade because the
>> next generation after AAA will "probably" not run AAA stuff.  If you
>> can't swing it, at least to a decent upgrade offer for CD32 owners.

Any AAA machine - or the CD64, if it ever exists, will be able to play
99% of CD32 games.  Even though most of these games use the AGA
capabilities, they go through a library called specialfx.library which
is basically a hardware independent copper list generator (and other
effects).  Therefore, when a new chipset is released, a new version
of specialfx.library will be made, thus making all "old" software

I think that any CD32 game using post-ECS features is forced to use
the specialfx.library due to the cd-developer license.