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The A1200 and 1084S to be available again in the U.S.
Medhi Ali President of Commodore International has announced that both
the Amiga 1084S monitor and the U.S. version of the Amiga 1200 computer
will be again produced by Commodore and available in the United States.
Both products have been out of production and unavailable to U.S.
customers since late 1993.  

Larry Boyll, Dealer Sales Manager for Microsphere (A distributer of
CBM and video products), stated that the 1084S and the 1942 monitors 
are expected to be in Microsphere's warehouse as soon as mid-March.  
value and performance of the 1084S.

Also Microsphere will start shipping the A1200 in early April. The
1200 has been extremely popular in Europe, and demand has been quite
high for it in the U.S. as well.

Microsphere Inc., in business since 1982 has dealt with Commodore and
related products for more than ten years.  Based in Mishawaka, Indiana.
Microsphere has sixty employees and had $24 million in sales in 1993. 

ASDG Job Opening

JOB OPENING:  Technical Support Representative (WINDOWS/MAC/SGI/AMIGA)
Be  a part of one of the most exciting companies in the motion picture
and television industries!
ASDG, Incorporated, a leading supplier of professional special effects
and  image  processing tools, is seeking to fill a full-time Technical
Support Representative position to support our Windows/DOS, Macintosh,
SGI, and Amiga software and hardware products.
You  need to possess excellent phone skills, know how to listen to our
users'  problems and respond with clear and helpful answers.  You need
to  be  organized, responsible, and have a service-oriented mentality.
You also need to be willing to learn existing and new products.
Video  and  film  knowledge  and  experience  and  excellent technical
writing  skills  are  pluses.   Relocation  to  Madison,  Wisconsin is
ASDG  offers  full  health  benefits, an aggressive profit sharing and
pension plan, an excellent work atmosphere, and a chance to be part of
one  of  most  exciting  special effects and image processing software
companies in the industry.
1994 should be another great year for ASDG.  We hope you can be a part
of it.
To  respond,  either  email me a SHORT NOTE describing yourself (WHICH
MUST  INCLUDE YOUR PHONE NUMBER) or call me at (608) 273-6585.  If you
email,  you  run  the  risk of your mail getting lost, so if you don't
hear from me...please call.
Jeffrey R. Almasol
Technical Support Manager
ASDG, Incorporated
925 Stewart Street
Madison, WI  53713
(608) 273-6585 (voice)
(608) 271-1988 (fax)

Amiga CD32 Launched in U.S.

        --== Amiga CD32 Launched in U.S. at Intermedia ==--

(San Jose, CA - March 1, 1994) Commodore Business Machines, Inc. today
announced at Intermedia the availability of the Amiga CD32 game machine
in the United States
"The CD32 will be available this spring at mall-based software stores,
regional electronics stores, and Amiga dealers throughout the US," says John
DiLullo, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Commordore Business
Machines, Inc.  "We are bundling three excellant games with the CD32:
Pinball Fantasies by 21st Century, Wing Commander by Electronic Arts, and
Oscar from Microvalue Flair," DiLullo added," and offering a special price on
Psygnosis' Microcosm."

First launched in Europe this past fall, Commodore reports to have sold over
100,000 units in Europe in just three months prior to Christmas.  By
outselling Sega four to one and claiming 38% market share of all CD ROM
drives sold in the UK (according to the Gallup Weekly Report), the Amiga
CD32 has established itself as the undisputed leader of the 32 bit machines.
Electronic Gaming Monthly agrees by rating the CD32 higher than Sega CD,
3DO or Jaguar.  At a suggested retail price of just $399, the Amiga CD32
features an unbeatable combination of power and affordability.
"We challenge anyone to show us a better multimedia player at a better
price," says Lew Eggebrecht, Vice President of Engineering for Commodore
"With 50 titles available today and 100 expected by first ship in the U.S., the
Amiga CD32 has wide support among the software development
community," says John Campbell, Director of Applications and Technical
Support for Commodore International.  "The success we have had in Europe
has convinced publishers to invest in creating revolutionary new titles for the
Amiga CD32," Campbell added.
The Amiga CD32 features a 32 bit Motorola 68EC020 Microprocessor with
2MB of memory, 16.7 million colors, and a double speed CD ROM drive built in.
The CD32 will play audio CDs, most CDTV discs, and CD32 discs.  With the
addition of an optional MPEG-1 full motion video module, the CD32 can
play MPEG VideoCDs, MovieCDs and Karaoke CDs with up to 74 minytes of
better-than-VHS quality video and CD quality audio on a single disc.  The
suggested retail price of the MPEG module is $249.
"The CD ROM drive in the CD32 is a fully multisession compatible Mode 1,
Mode 2 Form 1, and Mode 2 Form 2 drive," says Jeffrey Porter, Director,
Advanced Technology for Commodore International.  "With optional
software, the CD32 can read Kodak PhotoCD discs," Porter added.
Commodore Business Machines, Inc. based in West Chester, PA is the U.S.
subsidary of Commodore Internatrinal Limited.  The company manufactures
and markets a complete line of Amiga computers and peripherals for the
business, consumer, educational, and vertical markets.  The company's
worldwide installed user base of Amiga computers is approximately 5 million

Portal Conference with Michael Vunck of Warm and Fuzzy Logic
The Amiga Zone announces yet another special live, online chat
conference with prizes!

Please join us on Wednesday, March 16, 1994, at 7pm Pacific time
(10pm Eastern) for an evening of discussion of LightRave 3.1,
with Michael Vunck of Warm and Fuzzy Logic, Inc.

LightRave 3.1 allows you to use NewTek's Lightwave 3D (tm) 
animation system on any Amiga computer, without the Video Toaster(tm),
and supports many Amiga graphics cards, native Amiga graphics
modes (HAM, etc.) and even supports rendering directly to
GVP's ImageFX software (must be purchased separately), 
as well as both NTSC and PAL video modes.

All of LightRave 3.1's significant and new features are detailed
in a press release you can read online or download from the
Amiga Zone's Press Releases Message Base ("go amiga;0;2;14;136")

After the formal Q&A portion of this special chat, Warm and Fuzzy
Logic, Inc., will raffle off two copies of LightRave 3.1.
You must be present at the live chat to be eligible to win these

March 16, 1994
"Go chat;2"

See you there!

Warm and Fuzzy Logic, Inc.
2302 Marriot Road
Richmond VA  23229
(804) 285-4304