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%% The Editor's Desk                                     By Robert Niles %%

It isn't anything new, but it seems this is the week to put some pressure
on CBM's marketing division. I hate to become part of the "fad", but I
can't say I blame the developers and users of the Amiga. ....And I'm quite
sure I'm saying something that the people there at CBM don't already
know. CBM!! Are you listening!? Advertise!

OK, whew! I'm done. We have a nice new edition with lots of coverage on
various subjects. Most of which, the readers have sent in. Either with
articles, or rumors, news, and other bits and pieces of Amiga "stuff".
Please, by all means, keep it up!

One note though. We are not taking any more BBS distro sites. The only
ones that will be added from this point, will be from countries who
are not currently covered. Also the BBS distro site listing will only
be posted in the issues ending in an odd number (ie: 201, 203, 205, etc.)
Basically so that we can add more to AR without really increasing the

Next, we have two pictures included. You need to have the DISPLAY command
within your path. We will be going back to the AR_Viewer here in the
near future, but currently the author is making a couple changes to it.

There's not alot to "chit-chat" about, so I'll let you get on with
your reading ....enjoy!