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/// Commodore Shareholder Movement UPDATE!
    By Mike Levin

Hello.  This is Mike Levin of the Commodore Shareholder Movement.  
Please help us conduct a demonstration of potential CSM support by 
posting a message on the Amiga message base (whatever service you are 
on) declaring yourself a member of the Commodore Shareholder Movement.  
The demonstration is for the Press and top level Commodore management.  
Let's create some exciting activity which will give leverage to the CSM.  

Our story is big because technologically sophisticated customers, who 
feel passionate about a product, are becoming owners of the provider 
company.  Newspapers are beginning to pick up on this story.  E-mail me 
if you can be available to give constructive quotes to reporters over 
the coming weeks (provide your voice phone number).  An example message 
might read:

"This is Mike Levin, a Commodore customer from Philadelphia.  I feel 
that the Commodore Shareholder Movement represents my interests as a 
customer of the company.  I consider myself part of the Commodore 
Shareholder Movement, and will be basing my future purchases of 
Commodore equipment on Commodore management's response to the CSM."

"This is Mike Levin, a Commodore shareholder from Philadelphia.  I will 
be voting my stock according to the Commodore Shareholder Movement 
because I feel that it will be in the best long-term interests of 
Commodore, its shareholders and its customers."

Sincerely yours,

Mike Levin