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                   Lightwave 3D(tm) without the Toaster?

                      The solution is Lightrave(tm)!

September, 1993. Richmond, VA - Warm and Fuzzy Logic, Inc. announced their
solution for the Amiga(tm) computer which allows you to use NewTek's
Lightwave 3D animation system without the Video Toaster(tm). The product
is Lightrave - an all new hardware device that resides on the serial port
of ANY Amiga computer and emulates the necessary Toaster functions that
allow Lightwave to fully function on your Amiga!


HIGH SPEED EMULATION: Lightrave is a custom hardware module that emulates
all of the Toaster functions needed by Lightwave 3D!

TOASTER FREEDOM: Lightrave enables any Amiga to run Lightwave 3D without
requiring a Video Toaster to be installed.

NEW ADVANCED FEATURES: Lightrave adds a suite of professional features never
before available to Lightwave 3D users.

FASTER!!  Lightrave will render images faster than a Toaster equipped Amiga,
as no lengthy display time to the Video Toaster is required.

TRUE 24 BIT DISPLAY: Rendering is no longer limited to the Toaster's
composite display alone. Lightrave now allows Lightwave 3D to render
directly to the most popular 24bit graphic cards. Supported cards include
the GVP IV-24, Retina, Opalvision, DCTV, Firecracker, EGS Spectrum,
Piccolo, Picasso, Rainbow 3, Amiga, and Amiga-AGA displays.

PAL COMPATIBLE: Lightrave makes Lightwave 3D fully functional for European
PAL users.

FAST ANIMATIONS: Full screen preview animations previously only available
on the Toaster-4000(tm) are now available to all Lightwave 3D users. The
animations are stored in standard Amiga "Anim" animation formats and may
be transferred and edited by other Amiga programs. Direct rendering to DCTV
and OpalVision animation formats will be available shortly.

NETWORKING: Lightrave is fully network compatible. From the low cost Parnet
to the high end Ethernet solutions, Lightrave is the perfect solution for
all Lightwave 3D "Render Farms".

IMAGE PROCESSING: Render directly to GVP's ImageFX, where frames can be
image processed before being saved to disk!

FULLY COMPATIBLE: Works with the entire Amiga line of computers. Even the
Amiga 500 and the new Amiga 1200!


o       Lightwave 3D 2.0 or 3.0 required.
o       Compatible with all Commodore Amiga models, both NTSC and PAL.
o       Workbench and Kickstart 2.04 or later.
o       Lightwave 3D requires a minimum 512 chip RAM and 512k fast RAM.
o       Extended memory and hardware acceleration are reccomended.
o       2 Megs of Chip RAM is recommended for direct rendering to GVP IV-24.
o       Lightrave registration requires a Toaster registration number.

Lightrave is shipping now and carries a suggested retail price of $499.
Call your dealer or distributor for availability and product information.

Amiga is a trademark of Commodore Business Machines, Lightwave 3D, Video
Toaster and Toaster 4000 are trademarks of NewTek Inc., ImageFX is a
trademark of Great Valley Products, Inc.

Michael Vunck, President
Warm and Fuzzy Logic Inc.
2302 Marriot Road
Richmond, VA  23229