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Blitz2 is a BASIC programming language for your Amiga, infact it is
fast becoming the BASIC programming language on the Amiga.
It can be used to program any type of software, from
valuable applications to entertaining arcade games.

Blitz2 is a compiler, it takes BASIC code and creates very fast,
compact, standalone programs. Programs that most people will think
you created in machine code or C.

Blitz2 is a next generation BASIC with features borrowed from PASCAL,
C and others. Blitz2 has given BASIC, the friendliest programming
language of all times, a new lease of life with more power than
ever before.

* Features

Full implementation of extended BASIC (Select..Case While..wend etc.)

Support for standard IFF graphics, sound and animations

NewTypes similar to C Structures making Blitz2 more than just another BASIC

In-line macro assembler for advanced users

Linked list support for quick database type programming

Standard Amiga screen, window, menu  & gadget management commands

Full access to the internal Amiga libraries and structures

Power-Windows type user interface generator

Extended Workbench 2.0/3.0 support including AGA palette control

Super fast Blitz-mode operation which "cleanly" takes over the Amiga OS

6 different Blitting commands for ultra fast, smooth graphics

Extensive display control for smooth scrolling, dual playfield etc.

Produces 100% machine code (fast and compact) programs

* What you get

Blitz2 ships with 2 manuals. The reference manual is a large 320 page
A4 book detailing the Blitz2 command set with example code for most
of the 300+ commands and functions. The User Guide is a smaller book
containing a step by step guide to getting started in Blitz2 as well
as indepth discussions and tutorials introducing the many facets of
programming in Blitz2 including many type in programs.

The disks contain not only the Blitz2 compiler program and editor but
heaps of examples, utilities, games and extra documentation.

Also included with Blitz2 is a free issue of the BlitzUser magazine.

* Blitz User Magazine

Blitz User is currently a quarterly publication that includes both a
printed magazine and disk. Each issue is jam packed with upgrades,
bug fixes, new commands, tutorials etc.

As Blitz2 is continually being expanded both in versatility and ease
of use, a subscription to Blitz User Magazine will keep you up to date
with the fastest growing language on the Amiga.

Here's a list of updates from the first 4 issues of Blitz User Magazine

Issue 1:

Tutorials on using Intuitools, ShapesMaker and the MapEditor as well
as serial port and speech control. Also listing for the BuzzBar game.

Issue 2:

Includes new commands for DPaint anims, adding Arexx ports to your Blitz2
programs, octamed support as well as heaps of program listings etc.

Issue 3:

Ted is given a major revamp and a powerful runtime debugger is added to

Issue 4:

Cycling gadgets, radio buttons, AGA screens, polygon commands and heaps
of other new goodies.

* What the Amiga Magazines say:


Giving Blitz2 an overall 88%, CU Amiga summed up Blitz2 with the following

If you want to know exactly what makes the Amiga tick without having to
buy 15 manuals and learn assembler and C there is no better way. You can
write whatever sort of program you want, be it a demo, a game, or a piece
of applications software.

The only drawbacks are those of the Amiga and the BASIC language itself.
If you want a program to do something bad enough, you'll find a way with
Blitz BASIC. It's ideal for beginneres and experts alike and whats more
it produces true Amiga software. Get it!

    EASE OF USE: 81%


Paul Overaa reviewed Blitz2 in July 1993's Amiga Computing, and came up with
the following comments:

blisteringly fast and offers some stunning Amiga-orientated graphics
Ted (Blitz2's Editor) is a fast, reliable editor
even novice programmers are going to be able to produce a lot of clever effects
very easily indeed
more experienced programmers will find that Blitz2 offers stunning possibilities

    EASE OF USE: 8
        OVERALL: 8

For more information about Blitz2
In NewZealand contact Acid Software phone or fax 09-358-1658

In the U.S.A. contact David Maziarka by voice at (608) 257 9057
                                     by BBS 6pm to 6am at the same

In the U.K. contact Benoit Varasse 0227 763 539

In Germany contact Solaris Computers in Koln

In Australia contact Computer Discounts 02-281-7411