Amiga Report Magazine was published between March 1993 and April 1998. As one of the first regularly-published online magazines, it broke new ground for the information revolution to come in the Internet age.

Amiga Report published over 100 issues, overseen by three editors. The first, Robert Glover, modeled the publication after the long-running Atari-focused STReport, and quickly migrated the magazine from a text format to the pioneering AmigaGuide hypertext language. As Commodore struggled and the Amiga commercial market deteriorated in early 1994, Glover handed off the magazine to assistant editor Robert Niles. Niles, along with regular contributor Jason Compton, used Amiga Report as a platform to update Amiga users on the Commodore bankruptcy proceedings. Compton became the third and final editor in late 1994.

Amiga Report predates the Web and the public Internet as we now know it. AR was originally distributed through dial-up BBSes and specialized online services such as Delphi and Portal. Later, the magazine became more widely available through the innovative Aminet FTP network and through the volunteer efforts of people such as Michael Witbrock, who devised an AmigaGuide-to-HTML converter and hosted the magazine for public browsing on any Internet-connected computer. Many fan and user group sites, such as CUCUG, aided in the hosting and maintenance of AR over the years.

This is the first time there has been an "official" Amiga Report site. Over the years, the previous mirrors have slowly shut down or fallen into disrepair. I appreciate their efforts in keeping the sometimes-ragged but always-earnest reporting we did back in those exciting times alive.

Below is a full list of Amiga Report issues in HTML format. For access to the raw AmigaGuide, please see this archive of original AR distribution files.

Thanks to MagerValp for preparing these new AmigaGuide -> HTML conversions, and this handy article index.

Amiga Report Volume I - 1993

Amiga Report Volume II - 1994

Amiga Report Volume III - 1995

Amiga Report Volume IV - 1996

Amiga Report Volume V - 1997

Amiga Report Volume VI - 1998

Article Index

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