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                        Review: AGA Experience 2 CD
                            By:  Jason Compton 

The AGA Experience is back, with another ton of (almost) entirely AGA
software and graphics for Amiga users.

Quite a bit, to my mind, makes this CD even better than its precursor.  Of
course I'm pleased that they've renewed their Amiga Report license, but
that's the least of my concerns.

The much-hyped HTML information pages, with an early version of AWeb, are
fine but nothing to get over-excited about.  Of more interest to me is the
wealth of genuinely good stuff on here for AGA computers.

In order:

Animations--There's actually not much here, but just about everything is of
at least "good" quality.

Demos--While not pretending to be a comprehensive collection, there are
really an awful lot (well over 100 megs) here, AND Sadeness has taken the
trouble to screen them for you for compatibility.  When you click on a
demo, you'll be told if it works with your machine, if it will exit back to
Workbench when it's done, and you're given the final option to run it or
not.  A necessity, and a very nice touch.

Games--A quite good collection of mostly AGA-only games and a few assorted
utilities, HD installers, and cheats.  Enough to keep you busy for quite
some time unless you've already played everything on Aminet twice.

Pictures--Some really beautiful JPEGs in here.  Everything is click and go.

Slideshows--Take them or leave them.

Exclusive--A nice collection in here.  Previews of Capital Punishment
(almost works on my 4000T/040), Gloom Deluxe, Pinball Prelude, and others.

Utilities--A good starter collection for all occasions.  Includes a number
of good PD utilities as well as previews and demos of Cinema4D, StormC, and
others.  Of particular interest--at least to me--is the collection of
emulators.  They must have been reading my mind. :)

Diskmags--As I mentioned, a licensed collection of recent Amiga Reports is
here.  As well, there's quite a few of the best Amiga online and disk
magazines, including RAW, AmigaPD, and others.

Sound--A small collection of decent quality mods, ready to run from the
disk.  As well, there's a few trackers and sound utilities.  Not bad.

Icons+--The sort of thing that makes WB-tweakers go wild.  Lots and lots
and lots of new icons (and Newicons) to make your system look that much

And yes, these all seem to fit together quite well.  As a sampler CD, it's
tough to get much better than this.  I'd recommend it highly as a part of
any "hey, the Amiga really is cool" live demonstration.

The directory takes just about zero time to get up and running.  Nice work.

Complaints?  Well, the screen mode it tries to put you in (if you take
advantage of all of the preference-setup icons offered) is Pal High Res
Laced.  Need I point out how painful this is to look at, particularly with
the color choices they've made?  It's just bad news.

The CD is available at a reasonable price and is a great catchall
collection.  Highly recommended.

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