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  From Eric Laffont, VIScorp Developer/User Liason


I have been given the responsibility by Mr Bill Buck, CEO of Viscorp, to
rebuild a strong Amiga Developer and Users Community.  I know that the
Amiga community is currently very fragmented and in the past nothing
serious has been done for you.  As a Commodore developer since 1983 (C64,
then Amiga), I can understand all your wishes.

First of all, we are listening to all your suggestions about
software/hardware development, documentation, distribution, contact--just
about anything you want if it's reasonable.  It's a great mission to seek
information from the entire world.  So if you're interested in collecting
suggestions and representing your Amiga community, contact us on the
VIScorp Web Site, or simply reply to this message.

PS: Mrs.  Raquel Velasco and Mr.  Bill Buck apologize for not replying to
the mail they have received because they are very busy, as you can imagine.
They will reply when they return to the US around the first of May.  But
you can always reach me via email: (Eric Laffont)

   111 North Canal Street, Suite 933
   Chicago, IL 60606

   Corporate Information Contact: Florine Radulovic

   Voice 312.655.0903
   FAX 312.655.0910