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                           News & Press Releases

 VIScorp Invites Community   Come one, come all to France.

 Message from Eric Laffont   VIScorp's international Amiga contact

Message to Amiga Developers  VIScorp reaches out

  VIScorp Amiga Input Form   Tell VIScorp what you want!

 Phase5 Announces Computer   An upcoming Amiga-compatible PPC computer

WCi Distribution Agreements  The New Wonder makes some deals

 Letter From Mark Habinski   An open letter regarding the Wonder bankruptcy

        ImageFX 2.6          Nova Design releases the latest

   Amiga M1538S Monitor      AT announces a 15 inch monitor...

    Amiga M1764 Monitor      ...and a 17 inch monitor.

       ScreenTab 2.0         Screen-switching commodity

   OctaMED SoundStudio V1    The sound suite nears completion

   Coleco Emulator Source    Developer opportunity-take over this code

 IntuiCookie for BGUI 1.0    Fortune cookie program

    Fields of Battle Bug     A minor game bug for CyberGFX users

 SoftLogik Web Page Online   The DTP company goes online

    Amiga Games Library      An ambitious project under development

         Frodo 2.2           The latest version of the 64 emulator

Miami, the new TCP/IP stack  Announcing a new way to get on the Net

Australian Net-Rights March  March for Internet Rights down under

 OctaMED and 14-bit samples  Check it out...

        HTMLess 2.0          Strip HTML codes for plain text

      BetterEdit 1.4         A new text editor

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