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Amiga CDROM Guide




Anders Bakkevold. (


Amiga CDROM Guide (ACDG) was made to help Amiga-owners to pick the right
CDROM for their needs.  It doesn't include commecial games or
photoCD-discs, but all Amiga PD/clipart/fonts/modules collections.

- It is in the Amigaguide-format.

- You will find all the vital information on a CDROM, like price, contents,
  publisher etc.

- Covers 314 CDROMs!

- 145+ of the CDROMs have a review

- If you're interrested in for instance raytracing, click on the keyword
  "Raytracing" to get a list of all CDROMs that can be assosiated with

- Other keywords: Clipart, fonts, pictures, utilities, GNU, text-files,
  fish etc

- It's up-to-date with the latest CDROM releases.

- It is completely independent

All in all:   680kB of pure information!


v1.5   Sixth release. Contains information about 314 CD-ROMs.
       - 30 CD-ROMs Added:
         Advanced Military Systems
         All Dogs Go To Heaven
         Aminer 10
         AMUC CD 4
         CD-ROM World Atlas
         CD32 Gamer Issue 10
         CD32 Gamer Issue 6
         CD32 Gamer Issue 8
         CD32 Gamer Issue 9
         Clipart & Fonts CD
         Demos & Tools 1
         Desktop Publisher's Dream 2
         Digital Orchestra
         EMC Index CD
         EMC Phase 4
         FractalPro Image Library 1
         Gamers' Delight 2
         Glamour Girls
         Lightwave 3D Enhancer
         Netnews Offline 1
         Nothing But GIFs AGA
         Octamed 6 CD
         Publisher's Companion
         Sexy Sensations
         Syndenis 3D-ROM
         Texture Heaven 2
         The New Basics Electronic Cookbook
         XiPaint v3.2

   - the ISBN field has been removed because it took too much space, and
     not many CDs used it.  The ISBN number will now appear in the
     "comments" field.  (Saved ~35kB!)
   - a lot of info added, for instance many reviews from Amiga Format
   - 145+ of the CDs have a review


You will need a program able to display Amigaguide files, like Multiview or


Amiga CDROM Guide is available from any Aminet site, for instance:

You can also email me ( and I will send you the latest
version uuencoded.

     There is also a WWW version available here:


     Amiga CDROM Guide is freeware.


     Amiga CDROM Guide v1.5 is copyright 1995 Anders Bakkevold.
     All rights reserved. You may copy it as you like, as
     long as no changes are made to the archive, and you
     don't charge more than #2.00 for the media and
     copying fees.