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New Ownership of Virus Checker


>From John:

As of tonight (31/3/96) Virus_Checker has changed ownership.
The new owner of the code is David Dustin.  Dave lives here in
New Zealand not far from me and now has the code and is looking over it.

The previous sale is now null and void as I did not receive any
money from them in time.  The contract I signed with them means
nothing.  If anything should surface that is using this other code
then please inform me so I can put a stop to it.

Dave will write a bit in here shortly to inform you whats going on.


>From Dave:

I have purchased the source-code and rights to further develop
`Virus Checker' by John Veldthuis, and pending final settlement,
hope to have a new version available within 4-6 weeks.

It will take me a while to familiarise myself with the code, and do
conversions to my system, but from the initial examinations I
foresee no real problems.

Some background information about myself:

I am a devoted Amiga developer, and have been since the A1000's
first hit New Zealand's shores.  I have owned pretty much all of the
Commodore range, and still use many of the machines.

I had been a registered developer with CBM since 1990, but have been
programming long before that.  I am proficient in Assembly, E, C/C++
and a number of "useless" languages.

Those who registered with John will still be classed as Registered
Users with me (once I get the list from John), but will require
"re-registration" with me, but at no cost.

More information will be made available in an announcment once I get
things worked out.

In the mean time, I would like to ask you, the users, to please
complete the following questions so that I may better understand
what is wanted from the future `Virus Checker'.

1. Which interface method should I use?

   Pick one...

   [ ] GadTools
   [ ] ClassAct
   [ ] MUI
   [ ] BGUI
   [ ] Triton
   [ ] Other: __________________________

2. What sort of support for crunched files?

   Pick as many as you want...

   [ ] Only uncrunched files
   [ ] XFD Library
   [ ] XPK Library
   [ ] Decrunch Library
   [ ] LhA/Lzx Archives
   [ ] Compressed Disk Images (DMS, PackDev etc...)
   [ ] Other: __________________________

3. How should the program exist?

   Pick one...

   [ ] Single executable with virus code self-contained
   [ ] Main executable, with separate brain files
   [ ] Other: __________________________

4. What features do you count as most important?

   Pick as many as you want...

   [ ] ARexx port and support
   [ ] AppIcon
   [ ] File Watching
   [ ] Full disk scans
   [ ] Automatic scanning of new disks
   [ ] Regular memory checks
   [ ] Localisation
   [ ] User creatable brain files

   Please list any extra features you want me to consider...

5. What sort of Shareware restriction would you prefer?

   Pick one...

   [ ] Requester upon startup/exit
   [ ] Certain features disabled
   [ ] Limited trial period
   [ ] None.  Rely on users honesty.  :-)
   [ ] Other: __________________________

Please send the answers as well as any comments or suggestions,
via e-mail to:

Thank you...

Dave Dustin    <>

Eclipse Software
PO Box 4598
Palmerston North  5301
New Zealand