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         Announcing World Construction Set V2 for the Amiga

Questar Productions is pleased to announce continued development for the
Amiga line of computers with the prerelease of WCS V2.

WCS V2 is full of professional features suitable for use by animators,
geologists, foresters, cartographers, architects, engineers, game
developers, teachers, students and anyone with an interest in earth
sciences and art.  It has powerful tools for those who need them, but with
its new wizard technology even a novice can get great looking pictures

WCS V2 prerelease is shipping now.  In appreciation of the support Questar
has received from the Amiga community, the price for Amiga WCS V2 is
considerably less than the price for WCS V2 on other platforms.

Amiga users who order WCS V2 prerelease will receive a FREE upgrade to the
final version, complete with new manuals.

Meanwhile World Construction Set V1 is still available -- but only for the
Amiga.  WCS V1 received rave reviews while breaking new ground in powerful
terrain creation and animation.  It's a great way to start using WCS if
you're on a budget, and it's upgradable to WCS V2 should you need the
additional power in the future.

We think WCS V2 is the best terrain animation program available on any
platform.  WCS V2 includes these advanced features:

- Spline based keyframe animation with over 100 animatable parameters,
  including motion, color and ecosystem parameters.  Create landscapes that
  change over the course of a few minutes, a day, a week, a hundred years,
  or even millions of years within a single animation.

- Interactive editing and display of parameters with a graphic interface
  that shows the camera view, an overhead view and a spline-based timeline

- MUI-based interface takes advantage of large screen displays with
  resizable windows you can arrange the way _you_ want.  We have found MUI
  to be fast and stable, and it has helped us concentrate on giving you
  great terrain animation features while presenting a very powerful

- Highly detailed rock textures complete with stratification and folding.

- 3D evolving clouds.

- Waves, breakers and reflections on the water.

- Automatic beaches with support for tides.

- 3D-shaded scaled image textures for very realistic trees and plants even
  close-up.  A variety of foliage is included and you can even create your
  own custom trees.

- The ability to render any number of DEM files in a single project -- even
  the entire earth!

- A coordinate system that knows the earth is not flat and always takes the
  curvature of the earth into account.  Mountains appear realistically from
  over the horizon as you move.  Orbits are automatic.

- LightWave 3D scene and object export for combining LW objects with WCS

- WCS V2 even gives you the sun and moon!

Questar first developed WCS on the Amiga, we like the Amiga, and we are
continuing our Amiga support with WCS V2.  We also support other Amiga
developers by using Amiga software for business, graphics, manual
production and video editing.  We are proud of the advances made with WCS
V2 and we think it will make a great addition to your graphics software

We ask for your continued support of World Construction Set on the Amiga. 
WCS V2 Prerelease is now available through dealers and distributors.  If
your favorite retailer does not have WCS in stock, have them contact us:

Questar Productions
1058 Weld County Road 23.5
Brighton, CO 80601 USA

For more information and to see some great pictures, please check out our
web site:

Long live the Amiga!

Thanks for your support,

                        Gary Huber, President
                        Questar Productions

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