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Since the release of The AGA Experience Volume 1, we have been inundated
with requests for a follow-up, so here it is!.  If you own an AGA Amiga, or
own a Graphics card - this is the CD for you!!!  This is the first (well,
second really) CD dedicated to A1200/A4000 owners, and features the very
best AGA-only software since the release of The AGA Experience Volume 1.

The AGA Experience Volume 1 was loved by the reviewers, and its owners.
Here is a selection of the review scores it achived in the Amiga press:

  93%  - Amiga Format (Format Gold!).
  90%  - CU Amiga.
  90%  - Amiga User International.
  90%  - Amiga Shopper.
  8/10 - Amiga Computing.

Reviews for Volume 2 to follow.. Great things are expected ;-)

Some of the main features, and improvements since the first CD are as

- EXCLUSIVE COMMERCIAL DEMOS.  We have contacted many of the Amiga's best
  software companies and they have created special demos of their best
  titles just for us!  These include a demo of the BRILLIANT Capital
  Punishment - with special speech samples, and a 1-player vs computer
  game, with 2 different characters!  An EXCLUSIVE demo of the GREAT XTreme
  Racing!  Including a special track made for us (which even includes our
  logo on the track!!).  Also included are several goodies for Xtreme
  Racing owners - like the lemmings patch and several graphical
  improvements!  We also have a great demo of Nemac4 - the latest
  3DTexture-Mapped Amiga game.  Including special 060 fixes for you lucky
  060 owners!!  You'll also be the FIRST to see the great new AGA flight
  and combat sim - Microlyte warriors!  Plus other goodies like exclusive
  Worms levels, a demo of Pinball Prelude, a demo of Watchtower, a demo of
  BlitzBombers and much more I have probably forgotten!

- EXCLUSIVE HTML DOCS AND AWEB.  Yvon Rozijn has created us a special
  version of AWeb, and we have created some exclusive HTML Internet-style
  documents!  You will see full-colour pictures, and you can even run some
  of the CD's highlighted programs directly form the interface!

- NFA PRODUCTIONS. Including The GREAT Word diskmags!

- READY-TO-RUN.  Most of the contents run straight from the CD.  There is
  no need to spend ages extracting disks.  Well over 500meg of ready-to-run
  hot utilities, diskmags, text files, demos, games and much more.  Only
  those titles which NEED to be compressed have been, these include Demos
  and slideshows which have to be stored in DMS format.  Extracting these
  is as simple as double-clicking an icon in Workbench.  IMPROVED since
  Volume 1 - there are now MANY less DMS archives to mess about with!

- MAGIC WORKBENCH colour scheme and icons.  We have spent months making
  this CD the very smartest looking CD available today.  Almost every
  program has a suitable MagicWB icon.  We have even created custom
  Ray-Traced icons for the CD, any Amiga owner is guranteed to be
  impressed!  IMPROVED since Volume 1, with all the drawers in a clearer
  lay-out and neater look.

- LICENSED Amiga Report Diskmags.  The entire 1996 collection so far -
  ready-to-view.  A great resource for any Amiga owner.

- LOADS of MagicWB icons, backdrops etc.  All you need to add a
  professional appearance to your Workbench.

- HUNDREDS of programs never before seen on CD.  Mostly downloaded from
  BBSs from around the World, and straight from the Internet.

- ALL AGA Amiga Doom clones since the release of Volume 1.  If you thought
  Doom was impossible on the Amiga - take a look at this CD for a real
  surprise!  INCLUDING, wait for it,, a demo of Alien Breed 2 - The Killing
  Grounds!  You won't believe your eyes!

- THE LATEST AGA mega-demos.  If you like being impressed by your Amiga,
  you'll find a great selection of demos on offer.  There are many which
  that are so new, you won't have even heard of before - let alone seen!  
  INCLUDING a massive 15Mb+ WILD PARTY Demo!

- FULL COMPATIBILTY INFORMATION.  We have listed where possible the
  compatibilty requirements for the various demos on this CD.  It will tell
  you required RAM, Processor and even whether it will exit back to
  Workbench!  When you load a demo, it will tell you the requirements and
  give you the option to 'RunIt' or 'Cancel'.  All you Amiga owners with
  030+ will LOVE this feature!!  ;-)

- HIGH-QUALITY artwork and packaging.  You'll be more than impressed with
  the quality of the Amiga-created artwork and packaging!  MUCH improved
  since the release of Volume 1!

- VIRTUALLY 100% indexed.  There is now a more comprehensive index file,
  with most things fully described.

- PLUS hundreds of demos, games, slideshows, utilities, diskmags, texts,
  fonts, 3D objects etc.  etc.

The AGA Experience Volume 2 is soon to be released, and will retail for
just 19.99(GBP)!

We are now taking orders, and copies are limited so get your order in now!
Pre-order prices are available - contact us for details..

RELEASE DATE: Hopefully for the World of Amiga Show UK!

 For more details, or to place an order please contact us.

 SAdENESS Software.
 13 Russell Terrace,
 NR11 8LJ.

 TEL / FAX: +44 (01263) 722169