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Helmut Jost new CEO of ESCOM AG
Manfred Schmitt to quit Board

Bochum/Heppenheim, 27 March, 1996.  The Supervisory Board of ESCOM AG has
appointed Helmut Jost (43) as Member of the Board of ESCOM AG with effect
from 1 April, 1996.  He will replace Manfred Schmitt as the company's CEO.
Mr.  Schmitt's desire to leave the Board of ESCOM AG has been accepted by
the Supervisory Board.  He is to quit his post on 31 March, 1996.  Mr. 
Schmitt will continue to serve the company as a consultant.

Helmut Jost has been in the European PC Business for many years.  After
moving up the ranks at Commodore (where he was ultimately the Managing
Director of Commodore GmbH and Vice President International), Helmut Jost
accepted a post on the board of ESCOM AG in 1993, where he was responsible
for the Sales and Marketing functions and for the management of
subsidiaries.  Since November 1995, he has been head of IBM's German PC

In Helmut Jost, ESCOM has succeeded in winning back a man with an
outstanding knowledge of the company and its markets.