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[Commodore and Escom haven't been the only companies who have been hurt by
the computer industry.  Apple's cutbacks included shutting down eWorld,
their online service.  This is the letter its users received to deliver the

Fellow eWorlders:

As promised last Friday, I am writing this letter to update you further on
what is happening here at eWorld.  While we're still working out some of
the details about our future, we wanted to give you information as soon as
we could so you can start making your plans. 

The first thing I want you to know is that we are indeed closing down
eWorld on March 31st, 1996.  While all of us here and in Apple management
acknowledge the wonderful community you have created here, it's important
for everybody to understand that in this rapidly-evolving information
industry, change is a constant.  We have to respond to market and business
realities, and we have to be constantly on the lookout to make sure we make
the right, long-term decisions. 

The way we see it, the smartest move for Apple to make is to greatly expand
our presence on the Internet.  And the best way to structure that presence
is with a portfolio of web sites and services for particular customer
groups-not a general online service like eWorld.  All of us here know that
this will be a blow to some, and an inconvenience for many of our members.
And I want to personally say that I am sorry for that.  But we studied this
issue long and hard, and believe it's the right move. 

The second thing I want you to know is that we're working to make the
transition out of eWorld as easy as possible for you.  First, we have in
place a mail forwarding program that should facilitate you receiving e-mail
messages and attachments until July 1st, 1996.  All you have to do is let
us know where you will be establishing your new Internet or online
presence, whether through an Internet Service Provider or other online
service (we'll have more info on how to do this later).  Second, we are
making available to you-at a good price-the Apple Internet Connection Kit
(AICK).  With AICK, you have an easy-to-use, all-in-one kit that can get
you connected to the Internet in as little as 15 minutes.  Third, as we
said earlier, we are going to be significantly increasing our overall
Internet presence.  You'll see new pages on a variety of exciting new
subjects-including our innovative QuickTime Live!  page that allows you to
participate in Apple WebCasts, an interesting new interactive way to
experience entertainment events.

We look forward to sharing more transition details with you shortly.  We
are literally working on these issues on an hour-by-hour basis.  You have
been very loyal to us here at eWorld.  We truly appreciate your commitment
as we work out the final transition issues over the coming days.  As the
week progresses, we will be posting a detailed Q&A covering the options
available to you. 

In the meantime, I have scheduled an auditorium conference tomorrow, March
5, at 6:30 pm PST where you and I can discuss this transition and I can
answer questions as best I can at that time.  Please join me for this
discussion (Shortcut=stage 1).

Your patience and understanding is appreciated in more ways than you think.
Please watch this spot for further updates. 

Our best,

Diana Keith, Director of Internet Productions.

Transmitted:  96-03-04 13:04:07 PST