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Nova Design, Inc.  Adds A New Dimension To Their Product Line!

For Immediate Release
Tuesday, March 26, 1996
Contact:  Bob Fisher
          Nova Design, Inc.
          1910 Byrd Avenue, Suite 214
          Richmond, VA  23230

Richmond, VA - March, 1995.  Nova Design, Inc.  is extremely pleased to
announce their recent acquisition of Aladdin 4D, the premiere 3D modeling,
rendering, and animation package from Adspec Programming.

"It's a perfect fit!", said Bob Fisher, Marketing VP of Nova Design.  "Like
ImageFX, Aladdin is an incredibly powerful product with features unique to
the Amiga 3D market." Some of Aladdin 4D's more advanced features include
Procedural Textures, Real World Gasses, Particle Systems, and Path-based

Greg Gorby, owner of Adspec Programming and creator of Aladdin 4D,
explained his selection of Nova Design: "We had many other offers, but
Nova's commitment to the Amiga, and the high-quality-at-a-reasonable-price
attitude that they've shown with ImageFX, convinced me that they were the
right company for Aladdin."

Before releasing Aladdin 4D, Nova Design will modernize and enhance the
interface, re-write the manual, and add a few new surprises to breathe new
life into this already superb Amiga product.  Aladdin 4D 5.0, expected to
ship in early third quarter 1996, will be available to registered owners
for a special upgrade price.

Nova Design remains excited about the future possibilities of the Amiga
market.  While some companies have chosen to abandon the Amiga, Nova Design
continues to provide new and innovative software to Amiga users worldwide.

Nova Design, Inc., 1910 Byrd Avenue, Suite 214, Richmond, VA 23230.   For
customer support or information call (804) 282-6528, or fax us at; (804)

For more information on ImageFX call (804) 282-6528, or fax (804) 282-3768.

ImageFX and Aladdin 4D are trademarks of Nova Design, Inc.

All other trademarks are held by their respective owners.