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    compt.sys.editor.desk                          By:  Jason Compton 

Walker, new.  Schmitt, out.  Jost, in.

What's going on here?

As many of you may have heard by now, Amiga Tech showed their new Amiga
Walker prototype machine at March's CeBit.  A very unconventional case hid
a somewhat conventional 030/40, AGA based Amiga with some very new
features, such as a PC industry Super I/O chip and a new CPU/Expansion bus.

After staggering losses in 1995, Manfred Schmitt departed Escom.  He has
been replaced by Helmut Jost.  Jost ran Commodore Germany and left in 1993 for
Escom's Sales and Marketing position.  He subsequently left Escom in late
1995 to run IBM's German PC sales division, but is now back, this time at
the helm of Escom.  Meanwhile, company founder Manfred Schmitt is
presumably free to retire at a young age or pursue his dreams elsewhere.

What does this mean for the Amiga and Amiga Technologies?  No mention of
what his policy towards AT might be has been made.  Amiga Technologies
employees seem cautiously optimistic that this change may bring good things
to the company.

In the past fortnight or so, the Amiga community got two new relatives.
The new baby, the Walker, is an odd shaped piece of machinery, but it's got
the right bloodline.  The new patriarch, Helmut Jost, is a question mark.

But let us here at Amiga Report be among the first to welcome both to the
party.  It really can be a fun place sometimes.

Speaking of fun, enjoy the issue.


PS-- How many of you realized that our 100th issue passed without comment?
It was very tempting to have a flashy, dramatic celebration, but then I
remembered the last magazine to brag about its 100th issue.  Amiga World
was cancelled a few months later.  So we'll stick with the low-key
approach.  :)