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What is Team AMIGA?  Team AMIGA started life as a tongue-in-cheek joke in
the FidoNet AMIGA (international) echo conference, by my signing my
messages as:

Charter Member, Team AMIGA

It was just a fun poke in the ribs at the "other" team we all know and love
for our rival platform, the PC.  I was wondering how long it would take for
someone to get a boot out of it.

Instead, all I got was inquiries like "Hey, this sounds like a great idea!
What _is_ Team AMIGA and how can I join?"

After getting tired of explaining that it was just a joke, I stepped back
and took a look at the concept.  I talked it over with a few of the more
well known denizens of the AMIGA echo, and decided maybe it was a good idea
after all and not just a joke.

With almost three hundred members as of today, from Russia to Australia,
Spain to the United States and Canada, Team AMIGA is growing daily, so fast
that I have a hard time keeping up with entries to the database in my free

There are no dues, there are no real "rules" (of course, it goes without
saying that software pirates and known crackers/phreakers, etc.  are not
members...).  There are no officers (well maybe except myself, but all I am
doing is trying to co-ordinate efforts and communicate with Amiga
Technologies, GmbH.  ATG is reportedly looking very seriously at the
activities of Team AMIGA and we hope to attain a good working relationship
with them.  Until these negotiations are final, we are holding off on doing
some things we really want to get busy on, like having a contest to design
a team logo, T-shirts, bumperstickers and other paraphernalia with the
logo, membership cards that we would be working with vendors to give
discounts to Team AMIGA members, etc.

Basically, Team AMIGA exists to show _our_ committment to the Amiga, as
ATGmbH has shown us.  We want both to continue and thrive.

Team AMIGA is also very much _un_like another "union" that (I'm not sure
even still exists), is very demanding and makes threats to ATG saying
essentially, "You do what we want or else." Team AMIGA exists solely to
_support_ the efforts of Amiga Technologies in whatever way we can, not
bite the hand that feeds by making demands.

Below is the template that is posted in the AMIGA FidoNet echo conference,
as well as cross posted in many other networks, as well as many Internet

We hope _you_ will take the time to fill out the application and get it to


Modified: February 06, 1996

This is a regular posting in the international AMIGA echo for prospective
Team AMIGA members.  Please use the template below to send in your request
to join.

Feel free to cross-post the below to other networks and services liberally!

8<---cross post beginning--cut here---8<---

In the FidoNet AMIGA echo, we've started our own "kick in the pants"
response to the PC's TEAM OS/2.  It's taking off like wildfire!  We'd like
to extend the invite to every Amiga devotee, everywhere!  We have hundreds
of members from several countries and from Fido, Internet and on-line

It's free.  There are no dues.  There are no rules.  There are no officers.
There are no idiots with a sense of pretentiousness (like CCISU or whatever
the name of that "club" for Amiga Sysops was...  ;).

To join, all you have to do is:

1) Swear that you are an Amiga enthusiast who extols the virtues of the
Amiga to anyone and everyone you meet who is interested in computers
(ESPECIALLY the PC crowd!  ;) and now that the Amiga's future is looking
up, you'll continue to do so even more fervently than before.

2) If you decide to join, fill out the application below and send it to me
to be added to the list, so if there are any billion dollar sweepstakes
prizes or warehouses of Amigas to be awarded (WINK WINK, GRIN GRIN ;) ,
we'll know how to contact you.  Seriously, a database is being kept and
will be forwarded to AT/Escom, should they decide to pick up the ball and

(Footnote: Since this all started, we do know that Amiga Technologies is
observing Team AMIGA activities closely and has expressed interest in the
near future of "officially recognizing" us.

One objective of Team AMIGA of course, was to get as many Amiga enthusiasts
worldwide to make a statement of support, but another objective, is to show
AT/Escom how much of a mistake it would be to not adequately support other
continents, like North America and Australia)

3) Always acknowledge that I am the one who started all this (hey, I want
SOME credit!  (It's a JOKE, people, a JOKE!  ;)

4) Know and understand that your stats will be in a database kept by me
(Rick Lembree) and _not_ released to _anyone_.  If it comes to the point
that AT/Escom wants to take the ball on this, they are the _only_ ones I
will release the database to, and I will at that time ask that if they
release the database to other companies, that they be released only to
AMIGA oriented ones.

The only other thing we ask of you, is if you use the name in your on-line
signature, that you type it exactly as shown below:

                               Team AMIGA

The reason is for consistency, and for recognition.  If everyone types it a
different way, it appears that we don't "have our act together".

If you agree to all the above, just send in the following information:

(Important!  Please use this template as is and with ALL necessary info
requested to facilitate database entry, ok?  If replying from a Fido node,
don't assume that I will have your Fido address when doing the database! 
INCLUDE IT in the template!  Thanks.  :)





Postal or ZIP code: _____________________________________________

City & State/Province: __________________________________________


Birthdate (optional):____________________________________________

Phone Number (optional):_________________________________________

Email addresses (Fido, Internet, etc):___________________________


Computers owned: (A1000, A2000, A2000/030, A3000/16mHz CDTV, CD32,
etc.) No need for a lot of details, just the model number & CPU is





FidoNet:            Rick Lembree, 1:326/209.0
Home of Team AMIGA: Harbour Lights BBS (207) 967-3719

US Mail:            Harbour Lights Computer Services
                    Attention: Team AMIGA
                    P.O. Box 207
                    Kennebunkport, Maine USA 04046-0207

Team AMIGA fax/voice mail: (207) 967-0988, ext. 3

Please note that the sheer volume of mail I am receiving on this does not
allow me to answer _every_ application submission personally, although as
time permits, I make every attempt to do so.  Depending on my workload at
the time I receive your application, you _may_ get an Email reply, if you
have an address available.  Postal mail will _not_ be replied to, unless
you provide SASE.

EVERYONE will receive a postcard at a later date, advising what the latest
news is.

Feel free to take this template (in its entirety and unedited, please!) and
cross post this to other networks and on-line services!

Welcome to the team!