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%% Review of Canon's BJ-600                              by Aaron Sims %%
%%                                         asims@unibase.Unibase.SK.CA %%


This is the second colour bubble jet Canon has made, the first being 
BJ-800. It is about two feet by nine inches by six inches in size.  It 
has a 100 sheet paper feeder and can hold ten envelopes.  It has five 
buttons which make the control panel (Power, On-Line, Form Feed, Colour 
Control, and Paper Control) plus twelve dip switches for font control 
and other things.


650 Canadian Dollars  -- about 600 American
10 Canadian Dollars for a Cartridge
9 Canadian Dollars for 3 refill bottle


It has eight printer fonts including draft, and to change them you have to
move three small dip switches.  It has four separate ink cartridges (BCMY)
and a separate print head which are both very easy to setup.  Each 
cartridge can hold 9 Ml of ink which dries 80 times faster than the HP
DeskJet ink.  It also has a paper tray that pulls out from the front side
to catch finished papers.  It prints up to A4 paper and has a nice paper
feeding system which is quiet and accurate.  It also has a Black boost
for dark clear text.


CanonStudio - This brilliant program by Wolf Faust is a must for using the
printer since it includes printer drivers and a Iff printing program. For
my printer I used an old version I found on an Aminet CD, version 1.55, 
but it worked perfectly. I'll have to get the full version later.

Paper - Regular 20 pound 8 1/2 x 11 will work but for graphics I found 50%
cotton paper worked much better. I haven't had time to try clay coated 
paper but the same I saw was most impressive.  The best result are on back
print film which is printed on the rough side flip horizontally then the
ink will sink though to the smooth glossy side. Of course it costs $.50 a
sheet but for that quality why not?


After having he printer for almost a week I have to say I am still
impressed with the text and graphics outputs.  After living with a 24-pin
Star Rainbow 2420 for three years I was used to banding, but there is
little if none.  Only pure black graphics have noticeable banding.  Text
output was crisp in PageStream and Final Copy II, even IBM programs run
under CrossPC worked great.  I used the BJ-800 drivers for Workbench that
were part of the CanonStudio package and Epson LQ-2550 for PageStream.

For the best outputs I used CanonStudio to boost gamma up eight, red up 
fourty, and used Halftone A-16 dithering.

I have ADPro 2.5 and found its results to be disappointing, if anyone has
better printing schemes tell me


If you want to do graphics and text buy this printer it will not let you
down in quality and cost.

Aaron Sims
Internet: asims@unibase.Unibase.SK.CA